7 must-have pieces of gear for serious soccer players

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of lacing up your cleats, grabbing a soccer ball from your bag, and running onto the pitch. For serious soccer players—those dedicated to playing at their highest potential for every game—having the right gear is essential. Sure, you can play in any old pair of sneakers or with a deflated football, but those won’t help you stand out as an athlete if you want to take it to the next level. Quality gear makes all the difference; It provides stability and traction on the field while also helping prevent injuries that come along with playing hard. This blog post will cover 7 must-have gear for any serious soccer player, so they’re always ready for action!

Soccer ball

If you take your soccer seriously, it’s essential to have the right gear. Having the correct equipment can improve your game and ensure you stay safe while playing. The essential equipment is a quality soccer ball sized and weighted correctly for your age group. When buying a soccer ball, read labels carefully to find the size that corresponds with your age. You should also look for balls made of durable material and appropriate inflation levels for optimal balance and performance – don’t forget to bring a pump! Along with a ball, there are multiple vital pieces of gear that any severe soccer player must own: suitable footwear, shin guards, goalie gloves, knee support pads, protective headgear, and, if possible, an eye-guard visor. Whether you’re buying pre-owned or new supplies, always pay attention to the quality when picking out these essential pieces of gear – remember that comfort is key!

Shin guards

Every soccer player knows the importance of proper equipment – whoever said that “the right gear is half the battle” was dead on especially if you are one of the MLS rookies. Shin guards may be one of the pieces of gear that are not seen as completely necessary, but they can help you take your game to the next level by providing superior protection from harmful impacts. Shin guards help reduce the impact of cleats and ball strikes on your shins so that you can practice or play with confidence and less worry about bruises and scrapes. A comfortable pair that fits properly will also ensure freedom of movement, improve accuracy when passing or kicking a ball, and give you added assurance going into a tackle while keeping you safer. A sturdy set of shin guards should be on any severe soccer player’s list of must-haves!


Being a severe soccer player means investing in the right gear to suit your expertise and playing style. Cleats are essential equipment for any serious player, as they provide the necessary traction and stability so you can move around the field with agility and finesse. It’s essential to find cleats that fit comfortably but provide enough support for your feet and a design that matches your specific playing style. Soccer shin guards are next on the list, offering vital protection for your lower legs from collisions, kicks, and falls during competition or practice. Then there’s the classic soccer ball, made with durable materials for optimal longevity and performance. And remember those extra socks to create an extra layer between you and your cleats.

Water bottle

A serious soccer player knows how important it is to stay hydrated during extended practices or games. A water bottle is essential in keeping a player on their game — as dehydration can lead to fatigue, muscle cramping, and headaches. Luckily, there are several options available when it comes to finding the perfect water bottle. Look for a reusable design that’s easy to store and fill with cold water before and after each practice or game. Make sure it’s lightweight yet durable enough to handle wear and tear. Some good tips include selecting a particular type of material like stainless steel or plastic, selecting colors and sizes to your preference, choosing insulated bottles if you want drinks to stay even colder longer, and selecting a lid type that can easily be opened during matches.


Any serious soccer player must show up with a towel on game day! The towel serves multiple purposes – wiping off sweat and other spills while playing, drying off your ball and other equipment, providing a comfortable place to rest during breaks in the action, or even as an extra support when taping up feet for a long match-up. And no one wants to play in dirty clothes and smelly cleats, so keeping your soccer gear clean should also be a high priority. Towels come in different sizes and materials – but whatever it may be – make sure you have access to one during games. That way, you can stay dry and maintain the highest level of cleanliness when taking care of yourself and your equipment!

Soccer bag

Soccer is a trendy sport, and with good reason. It is one of those sports that genuinely give you a sense of community, not just by providing players with a team to play on but by presenting its participants with the chance to create solid friendships with their teammates and coaches. Playing soccer at a deep level involves having specific gear, and if you are serious about it, then having the right gear can make all the difference in improving your skills on the field. A soccer bag is the first must-have gear for any serious soccer player. This can be used to carry all of your equipment to and from practice or games. It should fit a ball, shin guards, cleats, water bottle, towel, and maybe a spare shirt -all the necessary supplies associated with playing soccer.

Hat or sunglasses

Whether playing a game outside on a sunny day or standing on the sidelines, a hat or sunglasses can be essential gear for any serious soccer player. Not only do they look stylish, but these pieces will also help shield your eyes from the sun’s glare allowing you to play better and easier on your eyes. When selecting a hat or pair of sunglasses, it is essential to consider the environment. If conditions are likely to be humid and hot (such as during summer weather), choose something lightweight and breathable. If added protection is desired, consider playing in a full-brim hat or wrap-around sunglasses.


If you’re kitting out a soccer player, or are one yourself and want to know what gear is essential, check out this list. There’s something here for everyone, from the beginner to the experienced professional. We’ve covered whether you need a new pair of cleats or a ball that can withstand all weather conditions. So don’t delay – get kitted out today and be ready for action on the pitch!

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